Welcome to Hugh Smiley
Pre-Five Centre


Our children, families and staff are what makes our centre a 
fun, vibrant and secure environment for learning. The vision of our service is " A learning community where we are all learning together"

Our values are





Our staff are highly trained Early Years Educators who use The Curriculum for Excellence , Pre Birth to Three and Building the Ambition to plan in conjuction with parents and carers for your child to have high quality early learning and care experiencesAt Hugh Smiley we realise each child is unique and individual and they all have very different learning styles. Therefore along with the current curriculum, staff will also provide opportunities for your child to extend their learning using schemas, and development milestones. Using a variety of approaches, staff will plan appropriatley to meet the needs of everychild and extend their learning.

Hugh Smiley Staff

Shirley Allan Shirley Allan

Sandra Johnstone Sandra Johnstone

Mary McAllister Mary McAllister

Christine McCredie Christine McCredie

Nicola McMurray Nicola McMurray

Laura Doctor Laura Doctor

Fiona Donn Fiona Donn

Wanda Martin Wanda Martin

Eunice Woods Eunice Woods

Tracy McDougall Tracy McDougall

Megann Simpson Megann Simpson

Zoe McAleer Zoe McAleer

Mary McAllister Mary McAllister

Zoe McALeer Zoe McALeer

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